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July 14, 2008


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Martijn Stegink

This is good news! The GUI needed an overhaul very badly. One of the common pitfalls of OSS. Does RTFM have the new GUI also?

Time to refresh the screenshots at the product page now and maybe an overhaul of the website?


I'm a tiny business and RT has enabled me to ensure that my clients get every single issue resolved, and that I can bill for every effort on Xantech's behalf.

Thank you for your awesome vision. You have truly made a difference to my business, and my clients.

Scott Dunn

Wow. This is so amazing. You guys are helping me at my job. My boss is excited with the possibilities of your product.

Thank you.


Alex Tabrizi

How can I edit the comments to remove excess garbage sent by users?



This isn't the right forum for support. I'd recommend the rt-users mailing list for your question.



What about Enterprise level Change control (related to, but not the same as tickets) and Basic Asset management?



A number of organizations use RT for ITIL-compliant Change control by customizing RT with scrips, approvals and custom fields. As for asset-tracking, there's a third party plugin which provides basic asset tracking support.

rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com is probably the right place to discuss what you're looking for.


Ed Matthews

Is the IMAP functionality mentioned for Hiveminder earlier in 2008 (side link above, "Hiveminder in your email client") also available in RT?




We're hoping to get the IMAP server built out as part of RT 4.0, though we could do it earlier for a customer.



3.8 looks great! We are getting ready to upgrade from 3.6.5 to 3.8.X... Not too sure yet, b/c it looks as if it would be best to upgrade to 3.8.0 before upgrading to 3.8.1... I have a ? about doing a direct upgrade... Will everything work if we go directly into the latest version or should we jump up to 3.8.0 first; to produce less issues?...

Jess Sightler

Is the new richtext/html email support supposed to display incoming html emails as richtext? I'm not seeing that working, but its not clear if thats a configuration problem or if I'm just misreading what the new feature is supposed to do.

And yes, the new UI is a welcome improvement.



Have a look in your RT configuration file. You're after this:

=item C<$PreferRichText>

If C<$PreferRichText> is set to a true value, RT will show HTML/Rich text
messages in preference to their plaintext alternatives. RT "scrubs" the
html to show only a minimal subset of HTML to avoid possible contamination
by cross-site-scripting attacks.


Set($PreferRichText, undef);

Samuel Mathuram

Can RT 3.8 be deployed on Windows platform? Is there an installable available for RT 3.8 on Windows? If so could you please provide the link? Thanks.



There isn't an installable RT 3.8 for Windows, though it runs great on Linux in VMWare.


I'm testing this new release but I would like to know if richtext/html email format is used to send emails. When I try to send richtext message from RT, I receive a plaintext email.
Is it a configuration mistake ?


hi i am Joe from Meridian computer which is located in India i would like to purchase a software package from your company and we need 200 users and also pricing of those packages of RT 3.8 .so please give the price list and what are the server does your software package support and also your phone no
Thanking you


Is it possible to add RSS capabilities?


Greg: RT 3.8 includes built in RSS feeds for search results.


Did the users ask for the new look? We've been using RT2 for awhile and just upgraded to 3.8. There is too much white space around the "boxes". Nothing flows.

El NIato

ni un brillo


Dont like new google (gmail) look...


Does anyone know if there is a web interface on this program that would allow external users (customers) to create their own ticks?


@nick - Yes, SelfService is built into RT. It has been since 2.0 (2001 or so)

craig Pollock

Hi, We are a SAP service company and sell support on a block time basis, we currently have web ticketing systems that has to many limitations and are looking at alternatives.
Is RT able to monitor time spent rather than just time stamping the different responses.

Also can it manage annual support contracts and block time which will be on an invoiced basis

Alex Broque

I remember this from the Wesleyan days. Now I'm going to make sure I use it for my new project that will require ticket tracking. Cheers!

  • How Much Does this software costs as my company is looking at obtaining one or is it a freeware?
  • Where can RT be purchased
  • What is the difference between RT and Helpdesk?


  • RT is open-source, which means it's freely available to download and deploy. There are no per-seat or per-user licensing fees. It's licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL. The only thing we ever charge for are our services related to RT.
  • RT is available as an open-source download or as a supported system from Best Practical Solutions, LLC. You can download it at our website.
  • We don't tend to compare ourselves to the competition. However, a few items that differentiate RT from other ticketing systems are:

    • Opensource - Since RT is open-source software, you can customize and extend it yourself, and aren't reliant on the vendor if you choose not to be.
    • RT is built in Perl, so it's easy to modify.
    • The Web UI is entirely template based.
    • RT has rich access control.
    • It has been designed around email from the very beginning.
    • You have full access to the API when extending or customizing RT.
    • RT has a very large and amazing community of users.

  • For more information about RT or the RT services Best Practical provides, please see our website.

GE Rincon

Is the support fr mobile devices? I have techs that I would like to push tickets to so that they can update the ticket status & what was done.

Can the tickets get pushed to an accounting system such as Quickbooks for biling purposes? Is there MS Exchange suppot?\


Hi Good day,
I would like to ask how to configure RT tracking system using Windows XP OS? then how could we configured it to run using our local computers or using the web? appreciate feedback.


Also it's our first time to use this tracking system and we really don't know to much about pearl language and how to configure this tracking system, we would like to ask your help regarding with our problem on configuring the tracking system in our computer so that we could test it here in our side, i highly appreciate your feedbacks.


Is this project still alive?



Yes, RT is very much alive. RT 3.8.8 is due out in a few days. There's a very active user and developer community. http://github.com/bestpractical is where you'll be able to see daily commits to the codebase. http://lists.bestpractical.com/ is where you'll find user and developer mailinglists.

John Jones

I am currently working with a client that have RT and fall in love with it over remedy and the easy of use.

John Jones


Been two years now, so isn't it time for the next major update?


@fatboy - We've actually been rolling features into 3.8 point releases, so 3.8.8 is a very different beast than 3.8.0 was. But yes, we're starting to gear up for the next major release, probably sometime this fall.


Is the new richtext/html email support supposed to display incoming html emails as richtext? I'm not seeing that working, but its not clear if thats a configuration problem or if I'm just misreading what the new feature is supposed to do.

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