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May 06, 2010

RT 3.8.8 Released

We are happy to announce that RT 3.8.8 is now available. 
You can download it from:


SHA1 sums

be3ac598dcbf584f9bcd9a49248a9ccd3affb330 rt-3.8.8.tar.gz
fd2e1c570a7699f3a19c1101764fb5891ed42c17 rt-3.8.8.tar.gz.sig

This release contains several new features as well as a number 
of code quality improvements, bug fixes and new configuration 

In particular, we'd like to thank Aaron Sigel for security 
auditing work which led directly to a number of security 
improvements in this release.

Noticeable features and improvements in this release include:

* Improvements to default Chart fonts and colors
 New Hourly grouping options
 Optional support for handling chart timezones in your database
* You can now interleave global and queue level custom fields
 for display
* RSS feeds are available using an auth string rather than 
 credentials RT's RSS feeds should now work in significantly 
 more feed readers
* RTAddressRegexp improvements to prevent users from adding 
 an RT address as a watcher on a ticket
* Admin UI improvements, including the new 
 AdminSearchResultFormat config option
* Your current password is now required to change a password 
 via RT's web interface
* New web handler: bin/fastcgi_server which allows you to run 
 RT as a FastCGI external server
* Refactored Elements/ShowUser so it's easer to add custom
* Printed views of RT tickets should now be somewhat more 
 visually pleasing
* RT now uses less memory when building the First/Prev/Next/Last
 links for the result of a big ticket search
* New config options: AttachmentUnits, AlwaysDownloadAttachments,
 DefaultMailPrecedence, DefaultErrorMailPrecedence,
 MessageBoxIncludeSignature*, UseOriginatorHeader and
 LogoutRefresh. See RT_Config.pm for more information on these 
 and other configuration options.
A complete changelog is available in the original post 


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Is there a windows installer available for this version? I'm having trouble finding anything! Thanks, looks great otherwise :-)

We want RPMs!

i tried finding someplace to submit bug reports, but i couldn't. so anyway, i'm using 3.8.4 and i don't know if this has been fixed, but the error message for the advanced search capitalizes the fields it says it doesn't recognize.

for example, if i search for 'content like' instead of 'Content like', i get the following message:

Unknown field: Content

which is clearly wrong. again, sorry about the wrong venue here, but googling for the bug tracker for a bug tracker is not very helpful.

There is an 'Issue Tracking' link on the RT product page http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/ which is the right place to report bugs you're encountering. You may also find the mailing list links on that page helpful.

I love RT.. well "loved" RT - until my 32 Bit Core Duo iMac died, and I replaced it with a 64 bit iMac Core 2 Duo - Did a "Time Machine" full restore.. After that - thing is so broke, I can't even describe all the problems I have had trying to re-install, install, upgrade.... You name it, I did it. Even starting from scratch - I can't get make testdeps to complete, and make fixdeps dies in the same place asking for packages that went obsolete before Leopard..

After about 48 hours of updating perl with macports, and/or cpan... You win! RT is dead to me. It's gone.. It won't compile - Apache seems to be ok... It's the RT backend!

I hope someone out there might know what the heck is up with testdeps and fixdeps.. I am tired of dropping RT3 and rt_user in mySQL and starting over only to get the same crappy result. PS: I have the latest and greatest XCode Development libraries.. Cuz I are one!

@Ricker - you want to mail rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com - It's a much better place to get help than blog comments.

Thanks Jesse,, Sorry Group!

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