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May 06, 2010


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Is there a windows installer available for this version? I'm having trouble finding anything! Thanks, looks great otherwise :-)

Kim Ford

We want RPMs!


i tried finding someplace to submit bug reports, but i couldn't. so anyway, i'm using 3.8.4 and i don't know if this has been fixed, but the error message for the advanced search capitalizes the fields it says it doesn't recognize.

for example, if i search for 'content like' instead of 'Content like', i get the following message:

Unknown field: Content

which is clearly wrong. again, sorry about the wrong venue here, but googling for the bug tracker for a bug tracker is not very helpful.

Kevin Falcone

There is an 'Issue Tracking' link on the RT product page http://www.bestpractical.com/rt/ which is the right place to report bugs you're encountering. You may also find the mailing list links on that page helpful.


I love RT.. well "loved" RT - until my 32 Bit Core Duo iMac died, and I replaced it with a 64 bit iMac Core 2 Duo - Did a "Time Machine" full restore.. After that - thing is so broke, I can't even describe all the problems I have had trying to re-install, install, upgrade.... You name it, I did it. Even starting from scratch - I can't get make testdeps to complete, and make fixdeps dies in the same place asking for packages that went obsolete before Leopard..

After about 48 hours of updating perl with macports, and/or cpan... You win! RT is dead to me. It's gone.. It won't compile - Apache seems to be ok... It's the RT backend!

I hope someone out there might know what the heck is up with testdeps and fixdeps.. I am tired of dropping RT3 and rt_user in mySQL and starting over only to get the same crappy result. PS: I have the latest and greatest XCode Development libraries.. Cuz I are one!


@Ricker - you want to mail rt-users@lists.bestpractical.com - It's a much better place to get help than blog comments.


Thanks Jesse,, Sorry Group!

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