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August 17, 2011

RT 4.0.2 Released

I'm happy to announce that RT 4.0.2 is now available.

Continuing with our goal of faster release cycles and smaller changes between releases in a stable series, this release primarily contains fixes for a number of minor bugs. It also includes documentation updates and removal of an inefficient javascript minification option. Notable changes include:

  • Ability to reference global CFs by Name in RT::Action::CreateTickets

  • Installation of the docs/ directory into /opt/rt4/docs

  • Removal of the incomplete --binary flag option for the full-text search indexer

  • Fixes for a regression that caused group dashboards to vanish after creation and not appear in the list of dashboards

  • Rewritten forward functionality to generate mail that better represents the original messages received by RT

  • Removal of the pure Perl Javascript::Minifier module which slowed down the first request to new webserver children. jsmin or another external minifier is now required to minify RT's javascript. Refer to the section about $JSMinPath in perldoc /opt/rt4/etc/RT_Config.pm for how to configure jsmin.


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Removing js minifier leads to awesome performance. Great!

For the best performance, we suggest you configure RT to use jsmin, a C javascript minifier that's very fast.

Does this version support HA in an active-active scenario?

Luis— Properly configured, RT has supported running multiple front ends against the same backend database for a while. One thing you'll need to ensure is that sessions are stored in the database, not on disk.

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